The concept of Lifetime was simple, yet profound. Our early ambition was to create a one of a kind beautiful artwork that you can enjoy everywhere because of it's nature and compact size. We make lifetime watches to be something that you can wear with pride. It is a highly valuable inheritance.

The reason why tangible artworks such as paintings and sculptures so valuable is because of 4 deciding factors: uniqueness, rarity, consistency, and beauty.

Lifetime aim to combine industrialized products with the touch of classical handmade artistry. The founder, Paulus Sugialam dubbed this as the Paulinnian Products.

Lifetime watches are not just ordinary watches. What we have in store are the mini paintings, The watches and clocks are just means of framing to protect and to give additional functions to our artwork: to make them wearable and able to tell the time.

One Watch is
Lifetime-Watches pioneer.
Inspired by Movado simplicity,
One Watch is characterized by obscured numbers and an
illuminated or emphasized number "1".

A watch is a personal accessory. Think about it, you don't wear the same watch as your girlfriend, do you? A watch can only be associated with one wearer. From here the idea of making watches a one of a kind item that can't be duplicated grows into the Lifetime-Watches today. One Watch is still available today, only in a very limited quantity. If you would like to order a One Watch for yourself, please use the contact form to communicate with our artists.